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A Bridge Too Far The Staten Island Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Missed Connection CoverA Bridge Too Far The Staten Island Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Missed Connection

Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 16, No. 3 – 2013

Few urban areas are as economically and socially integrated as the New York City borough of Staten Island and the New Jersey communities of Bayonne and Jersey City just across the Hudson River.  These strong links are illustrated by travel patterns across a north-south corridor from Staten Island up into Bayonne. Yet transit planning and development policy and implementation has been radically different in the two areas, with slow and, right now, stunted development of transit in Staten Island, New York City, as contrasted with the muscular and systematic approach taken in Bayonne and Jersey City, in New Jersey. This paper analyzes the links between the two areas, describes the different transit policies taken there, assesses the outcomes of these different policies and offers suggestions for ways in which transit and development links could be improved, in particular an extension of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) into Staten Island. The paper also discusses the interim use of buses as a pre-development phase for LRT or BRT, focusing on the relatively new S89 route in Staten Island that now links directly to the HBLR and which immediately attracted strong ridership.

– 2013
This study evaluates the economic impact of visitors to commercial districts in New York City that had car parking converted to bike-share parking. The authors examined both reported usage patterns of bike share stations in 7 neighborhoods in New York City and compared the shopping activity that is related to automobile usage and bike share activity. Shopping and consumption behavior is compared to four sites that are currently not served by bike share.









Toll Burden in the New York Metropolitan Region Social Equity and Measures of Burden

Working Paper – 2010



Results Not Guaranteed A Tale of Road Pricing in New York and London Cover

Results Not Guaranteed: A Tale of Road Pricing in New York and London

Journal of Urban Technology – 2009












Measuring the Equity Burden in Public Service Provision: The Case of New Jersey Toll Roads

Economic Papers Vol. 27 No. 4 – December 2008


Economic theory recognises equity dimensions of social welfare as well as efficiency issues. This paper examines three measures of equity: horizontal, vertical and locational; analysing data from the toll collections on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. Policy implications are provided.

RPA_tomorrows_transit_CoverTomorrow’s Transit: New Mobility for the Region’s Urban Core

Regional Plan Association, NY, NJ, CT – October 2008
















Outerbridge Traffic Flow Modeling, 2006

The Inefficiency of Toll Collection as a Means of Taxation: Evidence from the Garden State Parkway

Transportation Quarterly, Vol. 57, No. 3 – Summer 2003

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