UTRC 2nd Annual Transportation Technology Symposium

2015 UTRC 2nd annual Transportation Technology Sym Final Tissera and Freund - Econometric Testing of Seasonality Patterns in the Citi Bike Program2015

Shenuque Tissera and Jennifer Freund, Econometric Testing of Seasonality Patterns in the Citi Bike Program
Citi Bike is the largest bike share system in the United States, outperforming other programs such as Boston’s Hubway and Washington’s Capital bikeshare programs. To fully explore the value of this transportation method and to develop better operational practices, we argue that a full understanding of the seasonality pattern of use and other patterns of variation is necessary. In our preliminary analysis, it is clear that bike share users vary considerably and there is not just one type of rider. In particular, the program is spatially arranged in only certain parts of New York City, and in fact only two of the five boroughs have access to bike share. Because of this arrangement of stations, the users of bikeshare are interesting to study from a transportation perspective. Their patterns of use may be affected by the arrangement of the programs bike docks, weather events and holidays. This study will focus on exploring the various differences between the seasonality patterns of male and female riders. Large scale data (over 7 million trip records) will be analyzed using econometric techniques and then mapped using Geographic Information Systems. The authors look to uncover and document the fundamental differences in bike share use between male and female riders. A more profound understanding of user behavior has the potential to improve systems operations and also help plan for future system expansion.

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